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The Attic Design Studio is a multidisciplinary boutique art and design practice founded in 2015 in Dubai, U.A.E.

At The Attic, we aim to break the mold beyond the commercial by integrating handmade craftsmanship with local manufacturing to add conceptual, cultural and aesthetic value to everyday objects and visuals. We also work closely with clients and manufacturers to ensure the authenticity of the final products. 

We integrate original ideas and technical expertise to provide design solutions in the following areas: 

Corporate, Personal and Events Branding and Visual Identity

Interior Spatial Design

Object Design

Art Direction and Consultancy


The co-founders Abir Mnasria and Zaina Khayyat are designers with shared aesthetic sensibilities, and an interest in integrating art, science, design, and technology to offer authentic, detail-oriented, and elegant concepts, products and solutions.